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Which Teeth Whitening Option Should You Choose? (teeth whitening)

Teeth Whitening

At this point in time teeth whitening procedures have become so popular they have overshadowed all other cosmetic dentistry products or procedures. Most people are unhappy with the color of their teeth and consider discolored or stained teeth be their biggest dental problem. They are willing to try anything that will help them bring back the whiteness to their teeth.

There is a plethora products as well as teeth whitening procedures to choose from and it can all get very confusing. You cannot rely solely on advertisements as each company claims their products help you achieve the best results.

This article discusses various teeth procedures, products and practices and the pros and cons of each. For further clarifications and details, you need to visit a teeth whitening professional.

Consult a Specialist

As a first step nothing beats a personal consultation with an experienced teeth whitening professional. The teeth whitening specialist will keep you updated on all the various products and procedures that are available and also discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each of them. Remember this is a teeth-whitening consultant you are talking to not an advertising agency or a salesman. He would give you an unbiased, first-hand opinion of each of these products and be able to tell you which ones work and which don't.

There are three options:

Take Home Treatments
In Office Treatments
OTC or Over the Counter Treatments

Dentist Office Treatments

These in office teeth whitening treatments have the highest efficacy of all available products and are performed only by a dentist. In office treatments offer you the most effective service.

Take Home Treatments

Some teeth whitening procedures can be carried out in own home but they are supervised by your dentist. These treatments are relatively cheaper than in office treatments and they offer you a dual advantage of the experience of your dental professional and the comfort and convenience of home.

OTC Teeth Treatments

The over the counter treatments are easily available, convenient and cheap. Over the Counter Teeth Whitening Treatments are not entirely ineffective, but they are certainly less effective as compared to procedures overseen by or performed by a dental professional.

For More Information

After having gone through all the options available to you, if you feel like you need more information about certain aspects of teeth whitening, make an appointment with a specialist. As already mentioned, this could be your best source on everything you need to know about teeth whitening and then some! A specialist would have all the answers to specific questions you may have to help you make up your mind.

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